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click>#RealWomenGoLive™ is a community of LIVElies™ women that are full of life, and energy (or want to be!) Women on a mission, with a message. Some of them need a little push, a little confidence, and a little surge. Some, just want to be better LIVE!  We are here to make connections, collaborations and get people talking about our business. When all this happens, it leads to sales of our services and products!

The Power of LIVE Video & Audio


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 When it comes to using video YOU can be your own villian!


You:  "I can't do this, I'm scared!"  "What will people think of me?" 

"I have nothing to say."  "I don't have time."

 "You don't need to have it all figured out to move forward" -Sandra



I believe that accountability is key, and my students and clients are my proof! 

When you join my #RealWomenGoLive Community expect this:

  • An instant boost of self confidence.
  • Connections, friendships and support from other women in business like you!
  • An opportunity to grow your business with more clients and customers.
  • Fun Fun Fun!


Listen to what one of the heroes had to say!

Click (on the heroes below) and meet Tracy Otsuka Founder of Coretography.

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We believe in Social Good.

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